Saturday, June 18, 2011

Kids love farms.

One of the main things i didnt want to do when i started this blog was to be a "mommy blogger".   I find the concept super annoying, and for no good reason at all.  I've read some mommy blogs that are hilarious, witty and well written.  Others just seem like a housewife pushing a political agenda that she doesnt even seem to understand fully. I didn't want to be that person.  Dont.  I DONT want to be that person.

But, since I have kids, and i am a mommy, they are bound to come in sometimes.  This is one of those times.

Urban Farms lend themselves really well to good parenting.  This is not to say im an awesome parent, but the chores, the being outside, the science involved etc all make for good lessons.  When so much of your life seems to be revolving around your TV or your computer, an urban farm makes better parenting almost an inevitable outcome.  Does that make sense?

So on Thursday (before we made the soda, but after we went to the home brew store) we stopped at Tucson Village Farm.  Its also on Campbell but several blocks north of the home brew store.  I swear we live on the east side, but for some reason all the places i blog about are on Campbell.

Anywho, if you have never been its super sweet.  We got to look at the veggies they have growing there, Maggie milked a mechanical cow.  Micah dug in some dirt.  Maggie, Micah and I dug for worms in the vermiculture "tank"

 If you ever find yourself with some spare time, i recommend going to this place.  The employees are amazing.  The girl at the worm habitat hung out with me for a few minutes to talk about composting.  The kids, meanwhile could not have been more entertained.  Whats not to love about a fake cow that moos when you milk it?  Check out their website, they have some pretty cool family activities throughout the year.

So the kids had an amazing time.  And you might be thinking to yourself "ya well your crazy kids live with chickens. of course they want to roll around with worms."  and i can see where you are coming from.  Except today i got the impression that farming is interesting to kids from all over.  Not just my crazy kids.

Maggie's birthday was today.  We had her birthday party and we had 4 kids who are not my kids at our house today.  The party was little mermaid themed.  We had little mermaid Pinata, mermaid table cloth, pin the crown on the mermaid, mermaid banner etc.  

But without fail as soon as each kid got there the first thing they wanted to see was the chickens.  Aaliyah, our oldest niece, was there first.  She went out to see the chickens every single time a new person got there.  Kids love chickens.  

Now, im with you when you are about to say "kids love all animals, your chickens are nothing new Katie.  Show me something compelling."  

How about this, Luis's mom brought us some compostable material and all the kids were fighting over a chance to roll the compost!

This is Emily, Aaliyah and Cassidy looking at a big pile of decaying matter with Marie.  More than that though, they are actually actively trying to locate maggots! This was BEFORE we ate! they went and ate right after this.  This is a 7 year old, a 9 year old and an 11 year old.  Tweens! BEIBER LOVERS!!! (I dont know that any of them actually like Justin Beiber, im just assuming).

Then Emily and Aalyiah both worked on rolling the compost to get it nice and mixed up.  Aaliyah was willing to do it every few minutes if we had asked her.  Kids like compost! Ya its pretty gross, but kids dig gross things.  Plus its a great time to explain concepts to them like life cycles, organic matter, HALF LIVES!  You know how you have always looked for an opportunity to explain a half life!  How will your child go into kindergarten without grasping the concept?  (im actually not even sure half lives are involved in composting. but i feel like the would be an easy segue at least.)

These were the bigger kids though, littler kids dont really get AS into the compost, mainly because its so far over their heads.  Litterally.  They cant see into the bin.  The littler kids got more into the gardening aspect.  For her birthday, maggie got some little kid gardening tools (trowel, hand shovel, big shovel, rake, hoe, gloves and little wheel barrow).  All the little kids were out in the back yard a few minutes after the presents were opened:

This is a loose interpretation of gardening, mind you.  But its cute none the less.  And yes, my nephew IS wearing a princess crown.  He's secure. And even more than that, yes i AM trying to make my son look more and more like a farmer every day.

There you are, kids love farms.  

I have had people talk to me a little about my blog since i started it, and normally its about the clothes line.  Saying that they have decided to use one now after reading about them.  And while that is totally awesome, i hope someday to hear someone read my blog and decided to build a raised bed garden, make their food from scratch and (giggles of glee) raise chickens!!  Think about it.  My family describes me frequently as "climate controlled" and "doesn't like to go outside" and i am doing it. So you totally could.  Plus then people would think you were crazy and kids would think you are awesome.  Who wants to talk to adults anyway? =)

Happy farming! 


  1. I love your blog. I hope you don't think I'm a stalker. And your kids are so cute. And I have one of those annoying mommy blogs, but not on purpose. It's a necessity for out of town relatives.

  2. Aw Annie! Thanks for reading! i've read your blog. I wouldnt classify it as a "mommy blog" at least not by the standard that i am thinking of! The ones i am thinking of take some sort of stand on parenting. No vaccines, lots of vaccines, meat, no meat, gluten, no gluten, tv, no tv etc.
    Your daughter is also adorable!