Sunday, June 12, 2011


So you have seen pictures of my girls before.  All very cute right?

I had mentioned that Betsy gets food taken from her occasionally and doesn't have as many feathers as her girlfriends.  If you didn't catch me mentioning that before, go back and read. Or just take my word for it. I told you about it i promise.

Well the other day i'm reading my favorite chicken forum and come across someone who had posted photos of their EE (easter egger) wanting to know if it was a Hen or a Roo.  This is a common question on this forum.  especially for newer chicken owners.  A poster told this person that their EE was a roo.  He said you could tell because his pea comb (the red thing on their faces, hens have them too, but roos are usually bigger and redder among other things) had three distinct rows in it.

*gasp!* Cut to my mental image of the Betsy i had picked up that night when saying good night to the girls:
Don't see it? Well maybe its because you aren't as crazy as I am.  I didn't have my camera that night, so i ran out to the coop with Luis's iPad to get some really awful pictures.  I was determined to have an answer that night.

So i frantically posted my pictures and asked how hard and fast that rule was.  Remember this is Betsy. She's one of the low girls on the pecking order.  She barely started getting feathers that the others had weeks ago! 
I was thoroughly expecting to be told "nope, pullet!" but no responses came.

i waited up until 10.  no one had responded. I was sure i had annoyed them with my silly "is this a roo?!" question, clearly this was a pullet.

The next morning i looked at my responses:

Now this post was very "hes just not that into you" for me.  I read the part that says "your chick is definately a cockerel" but i mentally down played to the "i have had female EEs with a 3-row comb". FABULOUS! there is hope! even though three of you think shes a he...  Then it was followed by this:

 Now is it just me or is this guy leading me on? "oh ya totally it could be if they are black and white or silvery, sure possibly that could happen... but not for you lady. better luck next time."

DARN IT!  I have a cockerel! I can't have a rooster in the city limits!! My friend Leia teased me that my poor chicken (Betsy? Bennie?) must be so gender confused. I was trying to make her play barbies and lay eggs when all he wanted to do was play GI Joe and crow!

Now i have to rehome him.  Sooner rather than later so he doesn't knock up my hens!  So if you know anyone in the Tucson area who is in the market for a rooster,  send em my way!

Here it is, up close and personal.  The comb seen round the world:

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  1. Poor Betsy! Rejected! Who ever takes her please ask them to get him some counseling so he isn't too damaged by the trama.....